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Squat PR: 290 x5

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Woo! Yesterday I turned my former all-time squat 3RM into a solid 5RM.

Today, I got into the gym a bit later than normal for a Saturday but I managed to have the best deadlifting session I’ve had in months. I switched a progression that has heavier warm-up sets. I pulled 325×2 today and even though I was under recovered, both reps felt really solid… leading me to believe that maybe the 335lbs was only my tested 1RM because I was beyond hormonal when I did it.

Anyway, even though my workout felt solid today, I came home after the gym, ate a snack and then proceeded to take an accidental 3 hour nap. Recovery!

My lifting has been on track all week. I’m starting to notice that gaining some weight has allowed me to deal with my upper and lower body strength imbalance. I benched 127.5x5x5 on Friday. I was gassed after those squats and bench wasn’t even all that hard. Two weeks ago 127.5 was an all-time 5RM and now I’m hitting it for 5 sets easily. I have either discovered how to leg drive properly or I am being blessed by bench press fairies in my sleep.

I’ve also had some realizations about my eating this week. First of all, I’m noticing that if I eat well, the gym seems to go well, regardless of whether my weight is actually going up or down. It probably helps that I’m not walking into the gym with a sugar hangover or a belly overstuffed with fast food.

Second of all, if I feel good about what I’m eating, then I feel like my body looks good – regardless of whether the scale agrees or not. I was doing really well this week: I’ve been cooking all of my meals and eating a protein and veg at every meal. PNLE has been focusing on slow eating, without distractions. I haven’t totally eliminated all of my distractions, but I am still noticing that I’ve been eating really small portions. After 10 minutes without my cellphone, I’m just ready for the meal to be over. I felt like I’d lost weight and looked leaner. Nope. Scale totally says my weight went up. Then last night we went out to a party and I ate a giant taco with chicken and other mysterious fillings. I woke up this morning feeling totally bloated, just in time for my weekly weigh-in. I could’ve sworn my weight was up. Nope. Weight went down for the first time all week! Fuck the scale, man.

I am finally getting to a point where I am feeling comfortable with competing in October. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. I should easily be able to get a Class II total, which is my main goal, as long as I keep cooking and lifting consistently. My current total is about 750lbs. I need ~777lbs to meet my goal, and I haven’t max tested my squat, so that’s using my 5RM. Guess I need to start worrying about finding a stylish singlet.


One thought on “Squat PR: 290 x5

  1. Agreed about eating good, feeling good!

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