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8 weeks out: Max testing

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I am 8 weeks out from my meet! Eep! This is normally around the time when I decide my training isn’t going well and I should probably withdraw and do another meet later, when I feel more ready. (Spoiler alert: I won’t feel ready later, either.

After failing my squats and bench on Friday, I considered just resetting but I wasn’t really sure by how much, and I figured that it didn’t really make sense to do a minor reset, max test 2 weeks after resetting. Plus, I had no energy yesterday and deadlifting wasn’t going to happen so I needed to justify my sloth somehow.

So today, I max tested.


Got: 305lbs x 1. Missed 320×1.

I got 320 out of the hole but just couldn’t fight to get it up the rest of the way. However, I feel like 319 is totally plausible by the time my meet rolls around.

I am going to reset and start working with triples tomorrow. Intensity day this week will be 280, which should get me to 305×3 the week before my meet.


Got 140×1. Missed: 145×1

Since 140 felt really solid, I’m tempted to aim for 148lbs at the meet, but even if I get 143, I will be happy. Going to continue running 5×5 and 3×5 until I stall, and then reset 10%. This should get me two full cycles before the meet. I need to work on holding the pause both cycles. 


Got: 360×1 Missed 375×1

This video was hard to watch. WHY COULDN’T I JUST LOCKOUT THE BAR?

Ugh. I will have this in 8 weeks no problem. Meet goal is 380lbs.

So, all in all, I am totally ok with this. None of these lifts were PRs, but my absolute strength is back to where it was when I kind of gave up on training. I just have to keep progressing and it will be easy PRs in 8 weeks when I actually step on to the platform. And, even if I just maintain my strength: my total today was 805lbs. That more than qualifies me to compete at provincials even if I lift at 84kg. So even if I’m the weakest person in my weight class, I will still be able to achieve my personal goal.

Furthermore, despite the fact that I’ve spent the past 2 days subsisting off chocolate covered pretzels, my weight has been under 180 and that means that my wilks was higher than my last meet.

I think I still need to do a bit of thinking about what my attempts will be. It’s tempting to just open with the numbers I successfully hit today, but I’m not sure that’s the best strategy. I will have to see what my weight does and how the next six weeks of training progress. But overall, I have to say I’m feeling good. I know where I want to go, I feel optimistic that I can get there, and I don’t need to postpone doing a meet any longer.


One thought on “8 weeks out: Max testing

  1. keep going. you’ll perform at the meet. keep getting strong(er)

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