A Dainty Diary of Lifting

PNLE week 12

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So…. about 5 seconds after thinking that I might be able to make weight for my meet on October 18th, I apparently hit a weight loss plateau. Go figure.

I’ve lost less than 1lb in the past 2 weeks, which is kind of a bummer. But on the other hand, I feel like this is temporary. I might feel different if I continue losing weight at this pace, but for now I feel like my head is in a good space. I am making consistently good food choices. I am not overeating. I feel like even if I’m not seeing results right as this minute, I will see results in the long term because of the choices that I am making now. I don’t feel like I have in the past, where I’m running myself into the ground and getting nowhere.

Also: I discovered melt-in your mouth peppered salmon jerky this week. So that’s a great protein source to have on hand, buy that’s a huge sodium injection in my diet. I’m convinced that my weight didn’t move because I’m carrying around 10lbs of salt and water weight.

Since I’ve given up on making weight and I know I won’t hit my overly ambitious meet goals, I am at a point where there are no expectations… and it feels good. Like I can focus on the stuff that I am doing really well, without worrying about everything that is not happening right this instant.

For example: I am not going to squat 315lbs in two weeks time, but I will probably have a better handle on that in November. And in the meantime: I fit into all of my size 10 pants again, despite the fact that I’m 10lbs heavier than the last time I managed to squeeze myself into them. If my options are a 3 plate squat or walking around naked, then I stand by my decision.

Speaking of being naked! I may end up lifting naked at my meet in two weeks! I ordered a singlet from the Glamlet website 6 weeks ago. I am super disappointed, because it never arrived and the owner of the site has been pretty much non-responsive to my inquiries. So I’m out $100 and counting on the fact that I’m going to fit into my singlet… which was a bit too small two years ago, when I actually managed to make weight.

Basically I’m going to start my own sport, and it is going to be nudist powerlifting. Pretty much guaranteed to be an awesome meet even if I bomb.


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